Karmic Blooms, 2018
(3.55 minute excerpt)

7 minutes, 44 seconds
Single-channel High Definition video
16:9, colour, sound

Like a Karmic device come to punish our planetary transgressions, jellyfish thrive on the chaos humans create.” [Karl Mathieson, 2015]

This work is the first work in a series of abstract visual speculations exploring 'oxygen deprived' post-apocalyptic futures. The oceans are black, the land is desert, the trees are dead or gone and jellyfish are everywhere. Jellyfish are super-adaptors, thriving on rising temperatures of the oceans, uniquely immune to the depleted oxygen of fertiliser pollution and benefitting from overfishing. 

All footage was shot along the remote regions of the NSW south-coast between October 2017 - February 2018.

The intention of this series is to act as a warning towards the unexpected and dangerous effects of human impact on the planet. However it is also a celebration of the beauty of the here and now - a reminder of how much we have to lose.

As the filmmaker I would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which this video was filmed, those of the Yuin nation. I pay my respects to all Elders both past and present. 

~ with her fluorescent trimming and soothing pulse the Tentacruel Cinema is a lure to those lost deep within the outer-reaches of the Secret Garden forest. But to enter is to be smothered by the hysteria of our careless indiscretions. Tentacruel is a dark future of impenetrable waters and toxic blooms ~

This work was first shown in a stage called 'TentaCruel Cinema Space' built within a forest at the Secret Garden Festival in February 2018.
See below some photos of the space: 

(stage designed in collaboration w Bel Campbell & Tom Osborne)