Video created by Sammy Hawker.
Shot a few hours outside Mexico City during March, 2019.

The road curves up the hill to reveal a house surrounded by creaking old-growth pines.  It is a high altitude mountain home built from the rhombus & hexagons of Frank Lloyd Wright. There are fireplaces in every room and quesadillas on the table.  Charlie has a community vision for this land, this house, the blue haze view of the Nevada de Tolvco in the distance. He has paired with the like-minded - mudbrick architects, a sustainable design strategist, a permaculturalist, a funghi expert. To regenerate the damage left by the deforestation and bring life & energy back into the land. To build a self-sustaining wholistic community based on the principles of  biodynamics with 30 individual lots cultivating together. At the end of the shoot we talk in the forest amphitheatre. Charlie’s dog Brujo (male witch) is settled next to us, his dark eyes glowing from the flames. Brujo leads us back up the house to our four poster beds. The wind in the tops of the trees howls but doesn’t reach the ground. The only sign of the commotion above is the pine needles that gently fall around us.